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The Help You Need to Find the Right Monument or Headstone

When choosing a stone memorial, one must consider many details, including monument size, shape, color, surface finish (polished or rough), lettering style, size, symbolism to recognize one’s religion, vocation, hobby or life events. Besides that, cemetery regulations related to size, color and symbolism must be met.

At Abby Rose, Inc, we will help guide and manage you through every step of the process from initial consultation to the installation of your loved one’s monument.

When you come into our office, we will help you create a special drawing designed specifically for your loved one that will be placed on the memorial.  This is done in front of you.  We welcome all the ideas you would like to incorporate into the design, however, should you need additional help we have hundreds of designs to choose from and can create whatever you are looking for. 

Basic Types of Memorial Products

Monument and Headstone: Upright headstones are the most common type of cemetery memorial used today. This consists of two sections. The top section is called a “die,” and the bottom is known as a “base.”  We have both Single and Family Monuments and Headstones

Slant Marker: Slant markers typically stand 14″ to 18″ in height with the front slanting or sloping back at a steep (not quite straight up and down) angle.

Granite flat marker: Granite cemetery markers are flat memorials also known as grass markers or flush markers. Flat markers are easier to maintain than upright memorials and give the cemetery a park-like appearance. Flat grave markers can come in any size and a variety of shapes. You will typically see a rectangular grave marker due to most cemetery regulations.

Bronze Memorial: Bronze cemetery markers are flat memorials that sit on granite bases, that in turn sit on concrete foundations. You have the option of ordering the grave marker with or without a bronze vase as part of the bronze memorial. Each bronze cemetery marker is uniquely handcrafted by skilled artisans who turn the cast, hard metal into personalized tributes in bronze.

Abby Rose, Inc has one of the most extensive lines of bronze products available. We are one of the monument companies that can provide you with a bronze marker or match most any other bronze graveside marker from companies like Star Bronze, Matthews as well as many others

Mausoleum: A private mausoleum is a granite building with stained glass windows and a bronze door. A smaller option of a mausoleum, without doors or windows, can be quite modest in price while providing highly prized above-ground burial.

Great Americal Family Mausoleums.

Delivered by truck to your cemetery, without months of delays and disappointment due to trans-oceanic shipping of imported granite.

  • 9 budget-friendly designs
  • Accommodate from 2 to 12 people, plus cremains
  • Made from a variety of granite colors, quarried in the U.S.