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Engravings & Inscriptions

All inscriptions are done on-site without disturbing the existing monuments. To do this, we send expensive high-powered and heavy equipment to the site along with a skilled lettering expert to perform each inscription.

After you’ve accepted our quote, a stencil is made that fits on the stone where the inscription is to be placed. High-pressure sandblasting equipment is used with the custom stencil for accuracy and spacing.

Our skilled lettering expert will visit the site, find the correct stone, check the lettering and measurements, and get to work.

Costs Starting at $250

The content and design of every memorial are unique and customized according to the needs of our customers. Abby Rose Inc. will engrave the stone with the message that you would wish to tribute to the memory of your loved ones. To guarantee accuracy and quality, we will visit the site and do all preliminary work to prepare the layout and quotation for your inscription. 

This process includes visiting the site, making a “rub” of the existing lettering, confirming size, font, style, and content of the proposed inscription.

Every inscription is done on-site, without disturbing the existing monument. In order to do this, we send high powered, heavy equipment to the site of your existing monument along with a skilled lettering expert to accomplish each inscription.

Guaranteed Results

Our process may be lengthy, but it ensures your satisfaction and accuracy on every level.

  • There is no obligation to our customer on the stage when we gather information
  • You receive a FREE quote based on your input, as well as our photos and measurements from the existing stone monument
  • Once our quote is accepted, we make an accurate inscription and we guarantee the result